Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rainy Sticky Thursday In Amsterdam.

Rainy Amsterdam.

Slept soundly until I woke in great pain in the early hours and could not manage to do more than doze fitfully until Richie got up.

Felt like I was on fire that is how painful it was, glad that the thc helped me to fall asleep last night and I got some sleep, hate to think of not having thc.

And having to rely on opiates can imagine that I would have to take several pills to achieve the same result as the THC gives me now.

With THC I do not have side effects that opiates can give you, plus do not have to take other pills to counteract their effects.

Feel a touch down this afternoon really want to sit in the wheelchair but not until the skin is healed over and Ton gives us the all clear.

Miss sitting, my back feel sore from all the lying down I have had to do since 2008, I suppose in the context of two years in bed these couple of weeks is nothing.

But it does not seem to work like that as I am experiencing so much more pain this last week since I can not get a break from the bed for even a few hours.

Amazing the effect just one week has had, found myself almost wanting a sleeping tablet again last night because I was getting worried and know how that can stop sleep.

Too many thoughts often ruin my sleep, once I have one thought more follow and often that is the end of sleep for me.

Somehow managed not to start thinking and slept before I knew it which was excellent, Marianne popped by for a cup of tea, really good to see her.

Nice that she does that, feels so nice and ordinary just like before I became so handicapped when friends would come round on the off chance I was at home.

Going to post this now really miss not being able to find and upload pictures that had becomes such a big part of my daily posts.

It was a big shock when I got a message saying I had gone over my limit, I was going to buy extra space but could not do that as Blogger does not use Pay Pal.

So right now I am recycling pictures.

Oh well back to the drawing board hope I think of something sure that I will think of something.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope the evening is pleasant with Richie. Hang in there, you'll be back in the wheelchair before you know it!


soulsoprano said...

LOL I THOUGHT I recognized the pictured preceding yesterday's post! Then I said, "Nah, it can't be, just my mind playing tricks on me." LOL Glad to know I was right! Hang in there, gal! You'll be zooming around on your wheels in no time! (((Hugs)))


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Nice pictures all the same. Have a great weekend and hope for sitting soon. Love, Mary

Rei said...

I wish I had your talent at finding such gorgeous photos to post every day, Herrad... I'm so sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. Although, I can sort of relate...

I'm glad THC kills your pain and that you don't have to rely on the hard opioid pain killers like I do... It's good that you have no addiction and that your pain can be relieved by that... Me, well, look at the "Occupation" in my profile... eh heh... <3


Webster said...

I'm thinking you'll be sitting up very soon. When you can't sleep, focus on your breathing.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Yesterday evening was pleasant with Richie, hope yours was too.
Thanks for your encouraging comment.
Hugs back.

Hi Kirsten,
You were right it was a picture from last year, very quick of you to spot that you had seen the pictures before..
Hope I will be out and about soon

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your comment about the pictures and sitting again soon.
Feeling optimistic it will be soon.

Hi Rei,
Love finding pictures for my posts, love your current picture you look wonderful.
Pain is horrible as you know only too well., thc helps me relax which is good the pain takes a back seat for awhile.

Hi Webster,
I hope you are right want to sit next week when the wheelchair comes back with the arm rests finally done.
Rolling around in comfort yippee!
Nearly your birthday hope you are getting in the mood.

Thanks you 5 lovely friends for coming by good to see your visits and comments,
Lovely sunny day nice and warm but not sticky which is pleasant for me.
Have a pleasant Friday evening.