Sunday, July 25, 2010

THC, Love And Optimism Helps Me Enjoy Today

Ena Joyce (b.1926)
Ena Joyce studied at East Sydney Technical College alongside Margaret Olley, David Strachan and Margaret Cilento. At nineteen, she was the youngest recipient of the NSW Travelling scholarship with the work ‘Seated Nude’, going to London and Paris where she studied under Bernard Meninski. Influenced by Bonnard, Joyce is an intimist and a colourist, known for her domestic interiors, garden scenes and still lifes. These expressions of her private sphere demonstrate Joyce’s technical facility in oil, gouache and pastel. An artist of great versatility, Joyce’s oeuvre also includes landscapes, figure studies and portraits. Winner of the Portia Geach Memorial Prize in 1977, Ena Joyce is represented by the National Gallery of Australia, a number of state and regional galleries, as well as Artbank and other corporate and private collections.

Slept well last night, there was no late night early morning activity by the rubbish containers to disturb our sleep which was wonderful.

Nice to bed able to drift off without constantly being jolted back from sleep that was so frustrating on Friday night.

Every time I was just about to fall asleep anther item would be flung noisily into the rubbish containers chute.

Last night was blissfully peaceful apart from a short outburst of dogs barking which ours just had to respond to; luckily I had no trouble sleeping again afterwards.

Always amazed I sleep well as every waking up is so painful, glad that the THC helps me override this until I wake when I need more THC to cope with being conscious again.

When we woke asked Richie to do my legs exercises and massage right away before his shower so that I could sit up and get off my back.

Having my laptop is another big distraction from pain and hands not doing what I want them to do.

Made a great discovery that suddenly I can use the touch pad this is brilliant especially as it has not worked for be before, good to have both options.

Means one way or another I can navigate round my applications, this has given me a much needed boost.

Going to keep it short today and once I have posted this I intend to relax and enjoy the day with my darling Richie and our two dogs.

THC and love and optimism will help me to enjoy today


Stan said...

dearest Herrad,

Nice to hear you got a good nights rest and the day ahead has started full of optomisum. As you stated "THC and love and optimism will help me to enjoy today".

Plus recent verified scientific studies have determined that sleep is now the new

So basically all the stars have fallen into proper alignment finally and life has reached it's ultimate manifest

Keep plugging along my good friend. You are without the slightest doubt a beaming inspiration of life unfettered by laden obstacles or burdensome trial.

soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

I hope you have a pleasant evening, and am glad you had a good rest.

Not sure about Stan's comment, sleep being the new sex, I thought it was chocolate, and I am sure I have a study about that somewhere. LOL


Have Myelin? said...

LOL @ both Stan, Stephany and YOU! I think all three of you are right. THC, sleep, chocolate and if possible, sex will all contribute to a good night's sleep. If sex is not possible, love always. =) If no love (partner) then optimism, always!

Last night my daschie who sleeps with Alex and I woke us up at about 3:30am throwing up...luckily I got her out of our bed in time. read that right. The brat sleeps in bed with us. LOL. So does the cat but she stays on her side of the bed. The daschie however crawls under the covers....

Joan said...

So glad you had a good night it does set you up for the day. Hope you have a good Sunday. Love Joan

Gareth said...

Hi H@R,just popping by to say a BIG HELLO hope you have had a pleasent sunday.

Webster said...

Sleep is my favorite thing, above chocolate, and even above sex which rates second place. It just takes too much effort anymore. Snuggles are better, anyway. Ahh, but sleep. Nothing's better.

Herrad said...

Hi Stan,
Lovely to see your comment which once again blew me away with your exquisite use of language.
Gorgeous it made my day thanks for coming by.

Hi Stephany,
Think you are right about chocolate I gave it up after Easter as I had eaten too much.

Hi Sherry,
Our dogs sleep with Richie which they love, should see them staking out their bit of the bed.

Hi Joan,
You are right a good nights sleep is marvelous luckily have managed doing so which is pleasant.

Hi Gareth,
Our Sunday was very relaxed hope yours was too.

Hi Webster,
You are right snuggling is very pleasant.

Thanks you 6 dear friends for your visits and comments.