Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain Won The World Cup OLE OLE OLE.

Max Ernst.

Well Netherlands lost the World Cup 1-0 to Spain, 200 + neighbours were out on the street to enjoy the event.

They were making a lot of noise with their vuvuzelas; but went very quiet at various points in the first half when Spain totally controlled the game.

The Netherlands could not get the ball and when they did have it they gave it away again.

Spain played good football whereas the Netherlands seemed to rely on kicking lumps out of their opponents.

Real shame was hoping that they would play well as a team and play good fluent football with imagination and flair.

Instead of playing football, it felt like a nasty fight with Dutch players only having one tactic which was violent tackles.

One player got sent off but there were two others that should have also been sent off, they were lucky to stay in the game.

While Spain is enjoying their victory, I hope that the Netherlands team are reviewing their performance last night.

What they need to is to get back to playing beautiful football with flair and imagination like they can do if they try.

After the defeat the street party really got going until 2 am, it would have been until 4am if they had won.

Today it is grey and overcast and it has been torrential rain and no sun now, yet it is still quite warm.

Wonder if that is the end of summer like in 2000 when The Netherlands lost the European Championship to France and what had been a glorious summer ended abruptly.

Just asked Richie to turn the fan off so I could check out whether it was cooler today and it is a touch cooler.

I am hoping that today is an easier day for me as the last week really took it out of me.

Especially Thursday and Friday which were very muggy days, each night Richie had to take my drenched t-shirt off.

Then he sponged me off and dried me and put a clean t-shirt on me, which was good.

Despite the grey sky it is a pleasant day, nice to have a day where I am not struggling to sit up and am not floppy due to the extreme heat.

Lovely not be dissolved in sweat and unable to do much like this past week, feel much better today and my index finger is working again.

It is raining again a deluge, with a lovely breeze which is a pleasant change, am enjoying it.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Glad you have a reprieve from the heat! Same here! what a relief it's misty rain, overcast and 58 degrees. Much better than the 80 and 90 degree days! Was able to take a nice long walk in the cooler weather and the dog is also relieved from lower temperatures.

Hope you have a nice Tuesday !!


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It's been a relief today glad it has been the same for you and Koda.
Hope you have a pleasant Tuesday too.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry the Netherlands lost. Though from your report it seems as if they deserved to.
I'm also glad to hear that it has cooled off a bit for you. I hate being sweaty and weak. It is raining here today too and I couldn't be happier.

Webster said...

I didn't watch the game but I was rooting for your team. When I heard that the Netherlands had a weak first half, I hoped they would rally. It seems their way of trying that was to bully iinstead, so sounds like they deserved to lose. So sorry.

Cooler here too, today. Thank God. 95F is too friggin' hot.

Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

Heat and MS are definitely mortal enemies. Thank God and modern technology that Patti has air conditioned comfort. The other evening just in the distance pushing her between air conditioned building to our air conditioned accessible van her speech went all slurry and then unslurry when back in the AC. Weird but MS.

Say hi to Richie for me!

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Herrad said...

Hi Debbie,
It would have been brilliant if they had played well and won, would have been great if they had even played football for the whole game but that went for dirty play because they got freaked by the skill of Spain. Shame.
Still hot here yesterday,glad you had a cooler day there.

Hi Webster,
The best team was Spain who played under terrible conditions as they were being kicked and pushed and grabbed by the Netherlands.

Hi Patrick,
You are right even a short time in the heat makes me go floppy and my fingers won't work.

Thanks you three lovely friends for coming by.
Since the Netherlands lost there has been very depressed mood in the city.
And the heat has been very tiring.