Saturday, July 24, 2010

Enjoying The Day Today..

Betty Goodwin.

Slept badly last night my first leg spasms prevented me from falling asleep and when they finally stopped happening there was noise from outside which stopped me from drifting off to sleep.

This was thanks to a neighbour across the road who started throwing one item at a time very loudly into the rubbish container every 5 to 10 minutes so I could not sleep and lay awake for hours.

He started at 2 in the morning and went on throwing things away and banging the lid loudly each time on opening and closing for what seemed like 2 hours.

This morning very early at about 7 am he resumed his activities and instead of a nice and peaceful start to the weekend it was really noisy.

He has been doing this for the last two nights, think no one has complained because he is so obviously a confused man, I remember that he always seemed to be walking around very depressed and worried by life.

Hate to think of him being so upset and there not being anyone to support him, guess that holds true for many other vulnerable people.

In the building we live, five of the apartments are sheltered accommodation; the people living there get in theory support to enable them to live independently.

In practise the support they get seems to be minimal and does not seem to include home visits from their support workers.

Think they will all be missing Willes when she moves in 3 weeks time as she has been providing them with real practical support.

She has been there for them for the last 3 years, so her moving out of the area will be quite a blow for them and not only for them, I know that I shall miss her living downstairs too.

Now she has her mobility scooter sure we will see her often especially as this is so much her neighbourhood.

Willes has been the best neighbour I have had here in Amsterdam, something that I have missed since England.

Really hope to be able to sleep tonight undisturbed by my leg spasms and the neighbour across the road.

It has been a sunny day today, warm with an occasional very cool wind and many pretty parakeets visiting our bird feeder and keeping me well entertained.

Despite any discomfort and pain I have enjoyed today, I am glad that THC helps with my pain and lets me relax and enjoy my life.


soulful sepulcher said...

Hi Herrad,

UGH I hope you get better sleep tonight too! Glad the parakeets are being delightful in their eating and antics.


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Hope so too as another night like last night would not be nice.
Hope the man across the road is doing better today.
The parakeets were great to watch.

soulful sepulcher said...

by the way, I have 2 lovebirds. They are 13 years old, and look like parakeets, but are in the cockatiel/parrot family. One is yellow and one is blue/green. They provide lots of entertainment, one can hang from his beak from a swing and twirl, always makes me laugh, I call it the "Circus" trick. They can chirp noisely and loudly, as they talk to each other and any one who talks to them. They also are loud when I am on the phone. When I testified in court via phone conference for my bird did the circus act spin and they squawked so loud I can only wonder what it all sounded like over the conference call that was serious in nature!

I hope the neighbor is quiet tonight too!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany
Must be nice for your birds to be together.
Knew someone here with one who was often sad as he had no companion.
Sounds fun having them wonder how long they live.
Have a good afternoon/evening.