Saturday, July 10, 2010

Enjoying My Life Here And Now With My Darling Richie.

Giorgio De Chirico

Yesterday was upsetting for me as the heat affected my MS badly and totally stopped my index finger from functioning, it took me hours to write my post and then find pictures and upload them.

Blogger also seemed affected by the heat yesterday when I could not upload some of the pictures nor save my post.

Everything took ages, every click with my index finger felt like it took forever, so glad that despite it being so frustrating I did not lose my calm.

It was truly awful felt so cut off from everything and everybody as all I could do was sit here and look at my desktop but could do nothing else.

Luckily I got the radio clicked on and at least could listen to the program while I tried to do something like read the newspapers which I had to abandon quite quickly as I kept closing the page

Was an unpleasant experience hope that I can use my index finger for as long as possible, dread when it finally packs up totally.

Hate the thought of not being able to communicate with my lovely friends or write my daily posts and feel part of life.

Guess that at some point it will be over and I will not be able to do what I do now, had a taste of it yesterday, was surprised that I did not go to pieces.

Could see that there was no point in getting myself all upset about something that I can not change.

Yesterday showed me that even when I was very upset I still was looking to work around it and enjoy what I could.

I guess that is the best and only way for me to cope with this dreadful situation is make the best of everything.

This keeps me going and keeps me optimistic and enjoying my life here and now with my darling Richie.


Webster said...

Herrad, do you ever wear a cooling vest or cooling wrist wraps or a neck band or anything besides a fan to cool off on these hot days?

I imagine it's scary, what you're going through. I wouldn't want to give it much thought either. Positive thoughts are so much more pleasant.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
I only have a fan next to me day and night.
Thanks for the tip wonder where I can get cooling wrist straps and vest?
Will have a look online also looking for soft bra top without hooks that Richie can pull over my head.
Have a good day.

Have Myelin? said...

Herrad, the local MS Chapter gave me a cooling vest (the ice packs go in the freezer- then you put them in the vest pouches) and a cooling headband, wristband, necktie, etc...and they really work!

Very nice on hot days.

Bibliotekaren said...

Herrad, that does sound scary. Our hands are so important. I hope your index finger holds out for a long, long time. I do know that several bloggers use speech-to-text software for posting. However, I'm not trying to suggest that it's easy and without it's own tribulations.

Stay cool and take care,

Joan said...

Sorry you were not so good yesterday hape it is cooler fro you today. Bloggers in the south of England are suffering with the heat too but up here in Scotland its 55f and raining hope my summer comes back soon. Re cooling products there is also cool pillows that stay cool all the time have thought of getting one of those as I suffer with hot flushings all the time. Hope you find something online sure you will. Love Joan

Diane J Standiford said...

I think we are all screwed up right now w/heat. You may not progress more. You may stop and the progression become so slow that you don't even notice it. I believe that. That we all end up bed ridden before we die is just a myth. Well, I mean, no more so than anyone before THEY die. Those vest are easy to find online. Subscribe to any MS publications? They will have them too. I'll blow some breezes your way. PS--beautiful paintings.

Rei said...

Hey Herrad! I'm sorry to hear that the heat is affecting you in this way... I can't imagine what it must be like to not be able to use one of your most important digits... I wish there were something more that I could do for you than just leaving a comment... Hopefully it will cool off soon! <3


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad, It's been too long since I've been to your blog. I love the new color! Your ability to keep such a positive outlook is truely an inspiration!
It's been incredibly hot here too lately. I've spent a lot of time in my bedroom with a window A/C unit.
Today it was rainy and dreary but to me it was perfect.
I hope you find a better way to cool off soon.

Nancy said...

You are an inspiration to all of us dear, Herrad.

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
That sounds good brilliant your local MS group gave you a cooling set, sadly the MS organization does nothing practical.

Hi Donna,
Sadly Dragon software is good for writing text but can't help me to read the papers or play solitaire.

Hi Joan,
Thanks for the tip about cooling pillows sounds a good.

Hi Diane,
Think that a vest you have to wet would not be nice in bed or the w/chair
But wrist, neck and head ties/straps.
Think cool pillows maybe it for me.

Hi Rei,
Seeing your comment gave me a boost,that is the good effect of your comment.

Hi Debbie,
Good to see your comment hope you are feeling better today and not so mashed by the heat.
I am going to track down cool pillows to help me cope with the heat.

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for your kind comment good to see

Thanks for all your visits, good to see your comments.
I am back in bed now with 2 cool packs and the fan and feel ok right now.
Hope you having a good day today.
Our neigrhrbours neighbours setting up on the street ready for the final of the World Cup at 8.30 tonight.