Friday, September 02, 2011

Actively Involved.

Joan Erbe.

Today has been lovely, warm and sunny, as if to give us one last summer weekend before the cooler autumn weather starts.

I just heard the weather forecast for next week; apparently it will be much colder and wetter, always amazes me how quickly that happens every autumn.

The Fijnhout theatre across the street, are busy tonight; they are having a performance and a party to start their autumn season.

It was good to find out recently that the theatre will not be redeveloped into a hotel and discotheque.

At least not in January, but who knows what will happen next, I have found out that the local papers and the local council know nothing about a hotel.

I also got good advice from the local council’s Planning Department, to keep an eye on their website for future planning applications, that’s good advice.

It felt good to find out what was happening with the theatre, very empowering, better to be proactive than just worrying about what was going to happen next.

Much better for me especially right now when I am feeling so powerless, good to realise that being severely handicapped does not stop me being able  to be actively  involved.


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend....
hello to you and richie.

You are so correct, you can be involved in so many ways. I take some of my courage of endurance from you, thank you.

Have a blessed and restful weekend.

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
Lovely to see your kind words, my weekend is good, enjoying the hot day yesterday was excellent, i hope your weekend is good too.