Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Always Looking To Improve Life.

Gayane Khachturian.

This morning Richie got me up at 09.30, to go to the toilet, before putting me back in bed with the support cushion moulded around me.

I have a small piece of foam put behind my left shoulder; Richie tried many things to stop me from sagging to the left, before trying this, it seems to work well.

Nice to sit in one place without sagging to the left which has not been very pleasant for me, i have hated the feeling

Also hated having to keep calling Richie to adjust me, sometimes this happened every five minutes, he would adjust me, it would feel good for 5 minutes.

Then within minutes I would be almost lying on my side, before it would became totally unbearable, then Richie would be called for help.

Last night as well this morning I managed to remain pretty much in the same place as where Richie had sat me up in bed, thanks to the foam rubber.

It was good to sit confidently in bed, while Richie was away for two hours having a driving lesson.

I did enjoy sitting up, without any problems, nice not to sag instantly, even nicer did not need to call Richie to help me.

Richie really does make my life much better in every way, everyday; he is always looking to improve life for me.  


Rhapsody B. said...

yeah Richie....blessings are in the everyday occurrences. Glad you were able to sit up uninterrupted by the constant sag. I am happy you were able to snag that one piece of independence back.

Richie can we duplicate you? Are there any of you around available?

Webster said...

Richie should win an award for wonderful, compassionate caregiving. He's been great!!

Herrad said...

hi rhapsody,
its good sitting without sagging, richie really thinks of everything.
sadly for everyone else but happily for me there is only one richie.

hi webster,
you aare right he should, richie is wonderful.

thanks to you two lovely friends for ccoming by.
i am so happy richie is here with me.