Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Support Is Essential For Everyone.

Chagall's Parents.
Marc Chagall

Today is not the day I hoped for, my hand/arm function is bad, worse than I expected much worse than yesterday.

I used valuable energy dealing with messages from a Face Book group to which I had been added, without my consent.

The friend that included me took my name right away off the list, of people who did want to join, as soon as I asked.

He told me  was shocked to bits, as he hadn’t realised that FB had changed their policy and no longer sent invites, how typical of them.

Which you can accept or reject; now you only get informed, one solution you can go to the group page and delete your name.  

What a relief once it was all sorted, I hope that the new FB support group does well and everyone involved enjoys the support and friendship.

I think support groups are excellent, I just did not want to join, I am happy wih my blog, it gives me the chance to post everyday and tell my story.

Which helps me come to terms with what is happening to me, writing everyday is good it stops thoughts and emotions from being bottled up inside.

My blog and other bloggers provide me with the best friendship and support, in fact for me it’s the best support group.



cubanrick said...

I agree with you Herrad, Facebook can be a bit too daunting at times.

Webster said...

Well, your blog is certainly more personal than Facebook. I really don't much care for Facebook - it doesn't update me on everyone of my "friends," just a select few. Their selection, too. It's nuts. I'd quit - but it's very hard to do. So far, I haven't spent the time.

Sorry about your hands. But I know you will deal with it with strength and grace. (((HUGS)))

Had a small issue with my cath change today. Believe me, you don't want to know...

Rhapsody B. said...

You are right your ability to choose and govern your own life in the way you see fit is best. It is always great when one can make informed decision in regards to their life.

Glad it was cleared up
Have a fabulous evening

S.S-O said...

hang in there...sending warm thoughts across the miles :-)

Herrad said...

hi rick,
you are right about fb, i need to be alert.

hi webster,
i agree i too am not keen on fb.
i will do my best to cope.

hi rhapsody,
thanks for your words, important for me to make my own decisions.

hi s-s.o,
thanks for your warm, kind thoughts.

thanks you 4 dear friends for coming by.

Nat said...

I agree about blogging. It is my best link with the outside world at times like now when a relapse puts me to bed.

I do have some amazing friends that I've know for years, but nobody can understand MS like somebody else who has MS.

Herrad said...

hi nat,
thanks for coming by, i hope your relapse is over soon.
blogging is good, glad we have that, i can't imagine life without internet.
have a relaxing weekend.