Friday, September 16, 2011

Overcast Friday.

Claude Cahun.

 Suddenly realised that I hadn’t written a single word for my blog, in fact I had not given writing it a thought, instead I was enjoying surfing the net.

I have been looking for another JR terrier to join our two happy dogs, Marleen and Cyril; I even found one in an animal rescue.

A Jack Russell pup, she looked lovely, she was born in March this year, sadly the internet page froze and I had to close the page, now I can’t find the dog anymore.

Once I have written today’s post, my dog search  will continue, who knows I may even find that Jack Russell pup again or another who also needs a new home.

We both think that Marleen and Cyril would be happy to have another dog join their pack; Richie likes the idea of finding another dog that needs a new chance, so do I.

Today has been overcast with occasional moments of brightness, no sunshine though not like yesterday

The lack of sun did not upset me, seeing as I was so relaxed today, I slept well last night, Richie got me out of bed at 09.30 so I could use the toilet.

Once I was installed back in bed, Richie went off for his driving lesson, two hours later he was back, which made Cyril happy, poor Cyril had been crying ever since Richie went out.

Right now after inhaling some mediwiet vapour my right arm is finally less painful, then it was for most of the day, it felt like my muscles were getting shorter and being tightened, finally my arm is relaxed, making me happy.

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