Friday, September 30, 2011

Determined.To Enjoy My Life.

Andreas Nottebohm.

Not being able to lift or move my right arm, last night, after not having any problems yesterday, was a huge shock.

It was a surprise which I didn’t need right now, when I could feel again, how important my arm exercises are for me.

Tried to see if I could somehow still be able to do exercises, once my arms can’t move, that was my immediate thought.

I wondered if Richie could rig up a pulley, over the bed that would make it possible for my arm muscles to get stretched.

After a short time I had to admit that there was nothing I would be able to do, not without a motor or Richie’s help.

Feeling my arm lying woodenly and unmoving next to me was unnerving, it scared me a lot; I had been hoping to keep my arms active.

My right arm not being to move at all, was horrible, I had hoped that my arms would still be functioning next year.

Last night’s nasty shock, rattled me, for awhile my optimism was gone, and I did not want to go on, with this unequal struggle

That lasted for only a few minutes before I bounced back, determined not to waste any time fighting MS which I can not win.

Instead I intend to enjoy my life with my darling Richie and savour every precious moment that I can.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope for better days and happy you are with it and enjoying life. Have a great weekend with your wonderful man and dogs. love, mary

Herrad said...

hi mary,
thanks, i intend to enjoy today, i hope you have a good weekend too.

KParthasarathi said...

I could come only now after a short gap.I hope the immobility is temporary and beforelong you are back to your usual self.I salute your positive attitude and never-say-die spirit.Best wishes Herrad

Herrad said...

hi kp,
thanks for your visit and kind comment.