Friday, September 23, 2011

A Last Late Summer Weekend.

Gayane Khachaturian.

It’s a sunny day today, just as predicted on the weather forecast last night; I am happy, we will have a last summery weekend.

This will be extremely pleasant, nice to start autumn this way, looking forward to going out in the sunshine tomorrow.

Last night I watched Question Time on BBC 2, I was hoping for good debate, instead felt the panel were being somewhat patronising.

I was amazed, once again at what a great unifier a shared prejudice can be like the discrimination against the travelling community.

The panel were not in agreement about anything, except their shared prejudice against travellers.

I was astonished that anti travellers sentiment could unite such a disparate group of people together.

Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Labour Party and others were all united against the travellers living at Dale Farm, Basildon, Essex.

Really was horrible seeing such unlikely allies putting the boot into a vulnerable group like the Dale Farm residents.

Seem like no one thinks they being prejudiced but they are, people constantly mention that travellers steal as if non travellers never break the law.

I think it would be much better for us all to live and let live, just as its better to enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the now, the present; don’t put off enjoyment for the future, that’s my motto now.


Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend.
It is raining cats, dogs and fishes here. Its been pouring since 10 am and it hasn't stopped yet. It is now 2:55 pm. I just want to go home but my boss won't let me after I went with poppy dog face, the response...No. hah o well am here grudging out the day dredding going out into that mess.

Anonymous said...

I was very surprised to hear someone whom I know ..a decidedly non-religious person..say that her child was going to a Catholic school "from now on." Not because of a sudden miracle of faith, but because there were too many blacks in her child's present school.
Ha. Because what? They cause all the problems? I find prejudice just about everywhere, just not always so surface.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Thanks for speaking out against
the collective prejudice and against elected officials characterizing a group as bad.Intolerance for sure. Love, Mary

Herrad said...

hi rhapsody,
i hope the rain stopped for you, sounds like too much rain.

hi mary,
i agree its amazing how much prejudice there is, very sad.

hi mary,
thanks, i agree its so important to speak out against prejudice.

thanks to you 3 lovely friends for coming by.
i try to speak out against prejudice, important.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello Herrad,


It is good to read that you will go for an outing and enjoy the sun. Your advice at the end of this post is a very useful reminder for us because we forget the enjoy the present and regret later. We are so much absorbed with so many imagined problems at the moment that time slips away without our notice.

I suppose when you talk about travelers they are the same as gypsies who move from place to place to eke out a living. In our city also there are many people who come from other states to earn a living. When ever there is a robbery they are the first people to be blamed. Well, I suppose this is human nature to blame people we don't know and who are poor. Poverty has a way of inflicting unnecessary trouble on poor suffering people.

Wish you all the best,

awb said...

Hey Herrad - Sounds like politics are the same around the world, baffling. Enjoy the pretty weekend,


Herrad said...

hi joseph,
i enjoyed going out in the sun, and the market is a favorite place of mine.

hi andy,
i agree it is baffling, i am enjoying the weather.

thanks you 2 dear friends for coming by,
i don't like discrimination makes me feel uneasy, i wish it ceased to exist.
have a pleasant weekend.