Thursday, September 29, 2011

Getting Happy Again.

Clovis Trouille.

Strange feeling waking up and not moving, takes awhile before my left arm can even start to move, moving my left arm involves the right arm too, as if they are connected.

Moving my left arm to extract it from under the blanket, results in my arm getting briefly cramped up and the fingers painfully twisted together.

At the same time my right arm is folded tightly on my chest, my hand is in a tight fist, difficult to open, best not to do so before Richie has massaged my arms and shoulder.

Massaging helps to relax my shoulder, my elbow and eventually my hand too, then I can start to do my arm exercises which directly allow me to use my hands.

I think that the massage as well as doing my arm exercises has extended my arm/hand/finger function considerably, I am convinced about that.

As soon as massaging starts to be effective, then my fingers can be gently opened and I can finally reach out and grasp the handle above my bed.

This enables me to do my exercises, as soon as they are done, I can feel that my muscles were stretched out again.

I am now able to type and to write this post, which makes me very happy, Cyril is also happy today because marleen is here.

As soon as Richie brought Marleen home from the vet, Cyril got very happy again, it was sweet seeing him so sad because she was not here, we will know the result in a week


Rhapsody B. said...

congratulations....i say continue exercising those arms.

Herrad said...

hi rhapsody,
thanks, i will continue to exercse as long as i can.

Joyce said...

glad marleen is home now and you find relief from the massages......and that autumn is beginning to provide relief from the still thinking of your exotic perfumes and what a pick me up that must be!

Webster said...

It's good that you can feel the positive effects of the massage and the exercises. It motivates you to keep up the good work.

Do Marlene and/pr Cyril jump up and lay on your bed with you? Does she get into your lap when you are in your chair? Any more leads on a new JR?

Karen said...

That's good to hear that you are able to type again Herrad!

Herrad said...

hi joyce,
it was great when marleen came home, cyril was so happy to see her again,which was sweet to see.
i love perfume, a bottle of dior's hypnotic poison will be here tomorrow.

hi Webster,
marleen is on my bed every night and cyril leaps up very day.
Marleen always wants to be near me when she gets worried
no new leads yet.

hi karen,
its a relief that i can still type with my left index finger, my right hand can't do anything.

thanks to you 3 dear friends for coming by,lovely to see your comments.