Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beautiful Sunny September Day.

Alfred Georges Regner

My session with the physiotherapist, this afternoon,  was not easy because of the spasticity, the incredible stiffness in my right arm.

On Monday I could still touch my nose with my right arm, today I could only raise my hand as far as to my chin.

Not nice to feel and experience, this afternoon, I am going to try not to let it upset me; all I can do is stay cheerful and keep doing my stretching exercises with Richie’s help.

The new worry is that my left hand and forearm are also getting stiffer now, on the plus side,  I can still move my left arm freely and I can still type, although laboriously.

As long as I can write my posts, write and answer e-mails, read newspapers as well as surf the net and play free cell and solitaire I am happy.

Seetech software will allow me to do everything I want to, so I am looking forward to seeing the package Herman is putting together for me.

I can hardly wait to get the software and start to use it to write my posts, it’s good to know that there is software available when my hands stop functioning.

Hopefully once I read and; agree with what Herman has suggested, it will not be long to wait, think that I am going to be optimistic.

Today is a beautiful very warm September day, sunny and dry, nice for friends returning from their holidays in warmer places.

A nice goodbye to summer today, as the forecast is for high winds as well as a lot of rain, all because of the tail end of a hurricane, shame a sunny autumn is nice, but who knows it maybe still lovely.


Webster said...

As I said on my own blog recently, "MS is not for sissies." We are some of the strongest people around. The things we know ... the things we endure. I'm happy you will be getting new software that will keep your blog active for those of us who read you daily. :-)

I'm glad you had another nice September day; may there be more of them after the wind blows through.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
i agree we have to be strong to cope with this shit.i hope that they surprise me and i will get it soon.
its a nice looking day today just cooler, thats september.
i will go out this afternoon.
have a pleasant weekend.


Karen said...

Technology amazes me. I am glad that there is something available so that you can keep on writing.

Herrad said...

hi karen,
i agree its brilliant, i liked the seetech, eye movement controlled software very much.
have a pleasant weekend.