Friday, September 09, 2011

Pride And Self Esteem Are Important.

Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen.

Richie’s idea about adapting my clothes has already revolutionised my life; it has not only made it easier to put on and take off clothes.

It has also given me pride in my appearance again, which was very patchy, almost non-existent these past 4 years since I can no longer stand to get dressed.

This has been made worse by losing the muscles in my torso, due to being in bed for so long while my pressure sore healed.

Standing up is important in order to get clothes hanging and sitting well, not being able to do that means looking quite dreadful, like a sack of potatoes, despite Richie’s best efforts.

Having no muscles means I can’t sit up, so my midriff does not get stretched at all, it is compressed, so it looks like I have a pot belly and I don’t have one.

Not having Richie wrestling to get garments on and off will be easier for both of us, and it is great to look well presented again.

Pride in my appearance, gives me a lot of confidence, which helps my self esteem, and allows me to feel like a woman and not just like a severely handicapped invalid.

Before my diagnosis I was well dressed and presented, always wore well fitted trousers, I never wore jogging trousers unless I was jogging.

Since 2007 I have only been wearing baggy elasticated trousers, I have not wanted to see myself in the mirror, now I can look again, I no longer dread how I look and I can be proud once more of my appearance.


Peace Be With You said...

So glad for you, Herrad, that you found a solution that improves your lives.

Anonymous said...

I think I have mentioned this before...everyone should have a Richie. ~Mary

Herrad said...

hi judy,
its brilliant, i am wearing a pair of my favorite trousers,that i last wore in 2006.

hi mary,
good plan, my richie is wonderful.

thanks to you 2 lovely friends for coming by,
richie always tries to improve my life.
he tries to not only solve problems but makes it even better.
richie is very resourceful.
have a nice weekend.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend.
Oh it feels good to read this. I imagine the bounty of wonderful you are feel.

You go Richie! Thanks for your inventiveness.

Stay blessed and have a fab weekend.

Herrad said...

hi Rhapsody,
its wonderful to see myself looking smart again.sadly i got richie to throw out all my smart clothes seemed pointless to keep.
the good news is richie will buy me new clothes.