Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Really Will Stop Worrying Now.

Claude Cahun.

Today I am trying to relax and not worry about my condition, nor am I going to monitor whether my hands, arms are getting any worse.

Certainly not now Richie has demonstrating to me that he can get me totally dressed without me doing anything..

I have been so worried ever since my arms have started to get weaker, because putting my arms around Richie’s neck so he can pull my tops over my head was getting very difficult.

Hated that I can only put my arms around Richie’s neck with help from him, he puts my arms around his neck, and then he holds them there until I can clasp my left wrist.

I had been getting quite concerned, how Richie would get my tops on once my arms got even weaker than they have already become, until they are totally paralysed.

Now I have seen he can get my tops on, I am no longer worried, not now I have been reassured that Richie will be still be able to dress me.  

That is a huge relief for me, as I started to wonder about what would happen when my arms became useless.

I even got panicked one day about no longer being able to do the few things I could still do, I got upset and freaked out.

Knowing Richie can do it has been very reassuring for me, now I really will stop worrying and relax.




Anonymous said...

My deep respect for this entry of yours, and your two beings.

Herrad said...

hi robert,
thanks for your visit and comment.
i am so reassured that richie can do everything, very comforting for me.
have a pleasant day.

janis said...

Richie rocks :)
Herrad you rock too!

Herrad said...

hi janis,
thanks big hugs.