Saturday, September 24, 2011

Visiting The Market Gives Me A Huge Boost.

This morning I had a really unpleasant waking up, it felt like all my muscles were cramped up tight, I couldn’t move or hardly breathe or do anything, couldn’t even open my mouth.

My jaws felt I was feeling the effects of high-speed travel, like g-forces were stopping me moving my jaws apart.

Trying to relax all I could seemed to make it, if anything much worse, after what seemed like forever it finally stopped happening.

It was frightening; afterwards I wondered whether it was nerves, maybe a panic attack about going outside this afternoon.

Somehow I doubt whether that could be the result of panic as it’s never happened before.

Despite being worried at times about going out, I have always overcome it and gone out.

So I think it due to   my muscles tightening up, will put it out of my mind and see if it happens again in the morning.

This afternoon Richie and I went to the Ten Cate market, the weather was good, no wind the temperature was a pleasant 25 degrees
It was very enjoyable, I do enjoy the sights, sounds, colours and smell of the local market, visiting the market gives me a huge boost.            



Webster said...

Oh, that sounds like an unpleasant awakening to be sure. Would taking more baclofen help prevent that from occurring? Does baclofen make you feel odd in any way?

How nice to go our to the market. It being the first day of Fall, and being a nice day, I AM going to get out of the house and ride my scooter in the neighborhood. Perhaps go as far as the nearest Starbucks to see if they are accessible.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
it was not a nice awakening, never had this happen before,i will monitor it.
i hope you went out to, i did, it was good.

Stephany said...

I'm glad you were able to get out to the market though the frightening wake up in the morning happened.

Have a nice Sunday evening! What's for dinner?


Herrad said...

hi stephany,
it was well worth it to go to the market, its lifted my spirits.
i hope your weekend is pleasant too.
pasta with basil/walnut pesto and tuna and parmesan it was yummy