Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Forget About Tomorrow

Remembrance, 1931.
Clovis Trouille.

We are having a lovely week of sunshine this week, which is a wonderful surprise after a pretty dismal cool, rainy summer.

Lovely to get some pleasant weather at the end of September before it gets much colder and winter sets in.

I woke up suddenly this morning from deep sleep, no sure why I woke, maybe it was because I wanted to see Marleen before Richie took her to the vet for an operation.

Marleen has a tiny lump on her neck that needs to be nipped off; hopefully it will just be that, and nothing else.

It’s always worrying, until the call comes that tells us everything is fine, then we can totally relax.

Poor Cyril is miserable without Marleen, and now Richie has gone off to his driving lesson he in inconsolable, not even interested in the peanuts I dropped on the floor.

Funny, if Marleen were here he would be very competitive, but not on his own, he has just cried on his way to bed, where he is lying very miserable.

I have been quite introspective recently, not surprising given my situation, sometimes I need reminding that I am extremely ill.

The other reminder is that I need to focus on what I have, I need to be constantly reminded to forget about tomorrow, enjoy today.


Rhapsody B. said...

Hope all will be well with Marlene. Forget about tomorrow is a great sentiment but hard to put to practice especially if you are an introspective person. Though I agree the prospect is one you should entertain.

Take care, my regards to Richie and my prayers to Marlene.


Herrad said...

hi rhapsody,
thanks, i am hoping marleen is doing well.
i have to have almost remind myself daily to forget tomorrow and enjoy today.

Karen said...

I hope all goes with Marleen.

Herrad said...

hi karen,
thanks for your good wishes for marleen.

janis said...

oh dear! Please let us know when Marlene is home. Prayers that she will heal and be fine!
Love to you Herrad, Im sorry I am so MIA lately. Its work...which is a good thing. I really love my job & the girls in my care :)

ρομπερτ said...

what a challenge.

wishing you only the very best and a good thursday as well.

Webster said...

Since it's always late when I'm on the computer, I'm sure you know what's up with Marlene by now. Hopefully all is okay.

It is so very difficult to remain in the present. Don't we all like to reminisce? Don't we all like to make plans? How so we enjoy those things while at the same time cherishing this moment?

I'm glad you're having some good early Fall weather. I hope you can get out several more times. How cold is too cold for you to go out?

Herrad said...

hi janis,
thanks for your good wishes, we will know the result in a week, to ten days time
love to hear about your work

hi robert,
thanks, i hope you have a pleasant thursday.

hi webster,
marleen is well, in a week to 10 days we will know the result.
i agree planning and reminisces are part of life and its difficult to remember to stay in the moment.
the weather is wonderful i hope to go out tomorrow and the weekend.

thanks to you 3 lovely friends for coming by.
have a pleasant day.