Saturday, September 10, 2011

Always Looking For The Positive.

Vilhelm Bjerke Petersen

I was so happy the last couple of days about Richie’s ideas for adapting my clothes that I totally forgot to mention my appointment with Herman on Thursday.

The appointment was     so Herman could demonstrate the Seetech software that is operated by eye movement.

It was very interesting being shown how it worked, it is better than the head mouse software, no need to move my head and neck, just eye movements.

Herman is going to organise an application for Seetech, which will hopefully not take months for me to get, as I need it now.

I will try and remain optimistic that I won’t have to wait for ages, not easy right now as I have been experiencing alot of discomfort in the wheelchair and in bed.

The new wheelchair seat is being made, so that discomfort will be over in two weeks, I will make an appointment with Maurits, my occupational therapist to get his advice about the discomfort in bed.

The discomfort in the wheelchair is just manageable indoors, as the floor is a smooth surfaces, not so easy outside, and because I do not have the support I need, this means I get rattled and shifted around, not a pleasant experience.

This afternoon we took advantage of the weather being pleasantly warm and dry to go to the market, we had to pause every few minutes for Richie to adjust my position.

Again today it was noticeable that we are both still nervous; the memory of falling out of the wheelchair is still scary for both of us.

Nevertheless the market was wonderful; it was warm, t-shirt weather and the Greek stall being back was the icing on the cake.      

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