Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Wait Will Be Well Worth It.

 The City.
Alisdair Gray.

After only rainy cool, overcast days since Tuesday, it was wonderful to get such a warm, dry day as yesterday.

It was a bonus going out in my tee-shirt with no need for a jacket, every time that I can do that this month will be an enjoyable bonus.

I asked two lovely friends who can sew and have sewing machines if they could help out, by altering some clothes.  

Anja came by just now to collect a big plastic bag full of trousers and tops that she will adapt for me to wear.

Another friend Marianne will come by tomorrow and take away another bag of zipped tops and trousers.

When I get them back, it will feel like several Christmases and birthdays have all happened at once.

I am feeling pretty bucked up by this, really looking forward  to wearing clothes that have been impossible for me to wear since early 2007.

A lovely perspective for me to look forward to wearing favourites once more, brilliant to get back some pride in my appearance.

I will have to wait yet again, this wait will be well worth it, but I will be counting the days until I can wear my clothes


gareth said...

Hey H@R, great to read about the clothing solution and how right you are about being able to wear clothes that you want to. So nice that your friend have offered to do the alterations. Also nice to read you got to the market again.
Today I harvested me onions and planted some kale and winter cauliflower O and paul made a Apple and raspberries crumble Yummy.

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
lovely to see your comment and visit.
it will be nice to have more clothes to wear again.
and lovely to be able to stop wearing jogging pants, which i have never liked, always prefered well cut trousers.
sadly i got richie to get rid of everything i could no longer wear in 2008, shame now.
richie says he will buy me new trousers, black 501's and warm trousers, very excting.
so is your harvest and paul's apple and raspberry crumble.
yummy wjsh we could have joined you for desert.
have a pleasant week.

Webster said...

Nice to hear that you and Richie got to enjoy the market again. Also, looking forward to new clothes is always fun - even if they are remakes of older clothes. It will be like Christmas, indeed!! Enjoy.

janis said...

What a grand solution to the clothes & it will wonderful to get back into some favorites!
Sorry I have been MIA.
Im going to try better to keep up with my Blog reads.
Love to you~

Herrad said...

hi webster,
The market was good, it was hot so no jacket needed which was lovely.
i am very excited about my clothes being adapted, so i can wear them.

hi janis,
its a brilliant idea and a simple and i will be able to wear some old favorites,yippee!
good to see your comment.

thanks you 2 dear friends for coming by, i am excited i will soon be able to have more choices to wear.