Monday, September 26, 2011

Decide For Myself.

Whistler's Mother.
James Abbott McNeil Whistler.

 I was reminded by a blog friend, that not everyone has the right to have assisted suicide/euthanasia, I must admit that I forgot this fact.

Can hardly believe that this is true, but it’s the truth, I wonder how many countries do allow euthanasia.

Seems there are only a handful of countries such as: Belgium, the Netherlands, Albania, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

As well as three American stated: Oregon, Washington, Montana and New Hampshire are thinking about joining.

‘’It was legal in the Northern Territory of Australia between the years of 1995-1997, when the Territory's law was overruled by the central Parliament of Australia, which then outlawed euthanasia and revoked the Territory's self-governing rights concerning matters of euthanasia.

A bill is currently in the Australian Parliament which, if passed, would restore the Northern Territory's self-governance in that area.

Japan is currently the only country that has no law criminalizing euthanasia, although legislation is being considered which would spell out the country's legal view of the subject explicitly.

Euthenasia is legal in Switzerland. In fact many people from the UK (where it is illegal) travel to special clinics in Swizerland where the clinic helps them with Euthenasia. The Dignitas clinic being the most popular one.’’

Really dreadful that there are so few countries that will give their citizens the right to decide when they want to die.

I am indeed lucky to be living somewhere that allows me to decide for myself, I am glad that the Netherlands allows me to make up my own mind when the time is right and I want to die.


Anonymous said...

Moved me and bleached my mind.

Much respect upon this entry. Please have you all a good Tuesday.

GoBigGreen said...

Hi Herrad I havent checked in for a while, but i wanted to comment and tell you i am proud of you. As another reader said you are a brave person and its up to you in my opinion when or if you are ready to move to the afterlife. others may not agree, but that is my thought.

Herrad said...

hi robert,
thanks for your comment.
i hope your tuesday is pleasant too.

hi julia,
thanks for your comment, i agree its up to the person involved.

thanks to you 2 lovely friends for coming by.

Joyce said...

i think we should all be able to choose how we want to live and end our lives........and the countries where you can do that are more civilized......

Gareth said...

Watcha H@R@Doggies, Glad to read you got the sunshine to and that you made a trip to the market. Saddened to read that there are new destressing symtoms. Thank you for sharing your openess and honesty.
With you All in spirit GXXX